Sealion Ltd. goes for Sawicon Design

Sawicon AS is pleased to announce that an order has been placed between Sealion Shipping Ltd. and Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co. Ltd (ZPMC) for building our design SAW2049, a DP3 Multi‐Purpose Saturation Diving Support/Offshore Construction Vessel (DSV/OCV). The vessel are scheduled for delivery in 2017 and will be equipped with a 24 man twin bell, saturation diving system.

The vessel will also be equipped with two offshore AHC knuckle boom cranes fitted: one 400 tonne crane with a depth capability of 3,000 metres single fall, and an auxiliary crane with a capacity of 25 tonnes and a single fall depth capability of 600 metres.

The vessel has a large working deck area of apprx. 1,850m2 and, in addition to the dive system moonpools, a large working moonpool of 7.20 x 7.20 metres enabling deployment of flexible pipe via client‐supplied VLS, or similar. Two ROV hangars are also facilitated aft of the main accommodation block.

Main particulars of SAW2049 are:

LOA 145.90m
LBP 133.80m
Beam (mld) 27.00m
Depth (mld) 11.30m
Draught(design) 7.50m
Trial speed 14.50knots
Dwt apprx. 9.450tonnes
Accommodation 200 persons

The vessel is dynamically positioned (DP3) with the dual notation of DYNPOS AUTRO (DP3) and DYNPOS ER (Enhanced Reliability). DYNPOS ER is a major step forward in DP philosophy whereby the level of increased redundancy and monitoring inherent in this notation not only increases safety but will allow flexibility to operate the vessel in its most efficient mode.