We are a dedicated and experienced Naval Architect & Marine Engineering Company

Sawicon AS is an independent ship design and engineering consulting company.
We deliver complete design for new buildings and rebuilding of ships and marine constructions. The company was established in 1997 and are situated in the center of Bergen, Norway.

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”Offshore vessel of the Year 2012” awarded to Sawicon AS for the innovative and unique design !

SAW2023 – North Sea Giant

LPP: 153.60m Beam:30m, DP3, 400t main crane, Acc.: 120 persons,  Built 2012

Major upgrade for heavy lift operations done in 2015.

Some of our clients

  • North Sea Shipping AS
  • McDermott
  • Swire Seabed AS
  • DOF Subsea
  • DeepOcean AS
  • GC Rieber Shipping
  • Fugro-Geoteam AS
  • Technip
  • Sea Lion